Supporting young people in North London.

We are supporting young people during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Following the Government’s latest announcement, we have been working closely with The National Youth Agency and local London Councils to see how we can continue to operate to best support young people throughout the new lockdown.  Our online offer of weekly Zoom sessions and focused 1:1 work will continue throughout with more and more activities being scheduled, so please keep an eye on our social pages to see how you can get involved.  If you, or a young person you support, are struggling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are still able to offer both 1-1 support, and in some instances support groups – just simply click the button below.

£10 can buy a bicycle maintenance tool kit for a young person

Each tool box enables a young person to learn the highly sought skill of bike maintenance and receive a free bicycle upon completion of the course. Please consider donating.