Made by and for Young Londoners

A New Series on YouTube

In response to feedback from young people, much of our work has a focus on providing employment support.

In 2021, thanks to a Booster Grant from Team LDN Thrive, our young people filmed a series of Career Paths videos for YouTube. The series consists of interviews with people from a range of professional backgrounds sharing their experience and advice.

The young people managed every aspect of the project themselves with support from a local film production company. We rotated the roles of the young people to ensure they experienced the full range of duties on a film set.

The series can be found on our YES Outdoors YouTube channel. It will serve as a helpful educational resource to support young people in London make informed decisions about their future career plans.

The young people also produced an excellent video entitled 10 Tips for Video-Based interviews. The video contains lots of advice to help young people optimise their chances of success during online interviews.