YES Outdoors is adapting so that we can still help young and vulnerable people during the pandemic.

The impact of Coronavirus has been felt far and wide. 

Here at YES Outdoors, we have had to find ways to quickly adapt to the situation and explore new means of keeping young people engaged, now more than ever.

Due to social distancing, many of our scheduled programs have had to be postponed.  Please stay tuned to this page for updates on how we’re staying active and offering support to young and vulnerable people, amidst the CoVID-19 pandemic.

We will be making short videos and vlogs to document the steps we are taking.  Please make sure you are subscribed to our Twitter and YouTube accounts to make sure you don’t miss any of our updates. 

NHS Bike Donations

Under normal circumstances, YES Outdoors would have been operating bicycle maintenance schemes for young people throughout the entire year. Due to social distancing and the UK lockdown, we had to stop delivering from March 2019 until August 2019. During that time, we repaired the bicycles ourselves and donated them to NHS staff and frontline workers.

Our initiative made the BBC News at 10, and our short video documentary has been viewed over 23,000 times on Twitter, and was re-tweeted by Mayor Sadiq Khan and many others. (We were able to restart our bike maintenance courses in the summer, having implemented social distancing and extra precautions). Please watch the video below.

Technology Appeal

We have partnered with a number of local charities and community organisations, to launch an appeal to residents of the area to donate any old technology, such as laptops and tablets, so that they can be re-distributed to young and vulnerable people. We see the vital benefits to mental health in helping to ensure that everyone remains connected during the lockdown, and yet a lot of people don’t have access to the tech they so desperately need, in order to remain informed and active during these testing times. Please visit our JustGiving page and watch the video below, for more information, and how to donate.

watch below:

We ran our tech appeal during the U.K. lockdown. Over 70 laptops were donated, and we were also able to raise £9,000, with which we purchased new laptops and have given them away to residents in the Islington and Camden boroughs who need them the most.

watch our update video here:

Online Mentoring

YES Outdoors are supporting young people with online mentoring and support sessions twice a week during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Fitness and Health Videos

Stay healthy during lockdown with an online exercise routine presented by #Islington & #Camden key workers.

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Garden Project

A recent update from our new garden project, which will see local young people helping to re-design and renovate a public garden.

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