Our ‘CLIMB’ programme was selected by Youth Endowment Fund to undergo a robust evaluation for feasibility, which was conducted by Sheffield Hallam University (comprising of a team made up of Professor Mike Coldwell, Dr. Sarah Reaney-Wood and Fellow Benjamin Willis). The report demonstrates the project’s strengths and is due to be published by Youth Endowment Fund on 29th March 2024. Youth Endowment Fund have granted permission to share a preview of the report with you prior to its publication. Joe Collin will share the report with you if a request is sent by Impetus to joe.collin@youthendowmentfund.org.uk

We were also evaluated in 2019, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to undergo a next evaluation the following year. The programme was robustly evaluated again in 2022/2023 by Youth Endowment Fund and Sheffield Hallam University.



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