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We exist because of your generosity.

As we continue to expand, we see the importance of the work we do on a daily basis.  We are sincerely grateful for our donors, who have helped us to support countless young people across North London.  Please email us at to learn more.

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    Please make cheques payable to “YES Outdoors” and post to: YES Outdoors, 200A Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JP


    Do you have an old bicycle that's broken or collecting dust? We can re-purpose it and put the parts to a good use! Please email us at

Support our important work

Unallocated Client Accounts

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The pots of money that make up Unallocated Client Accounts – often left untouched for years – are such a waste.

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By donating these funds, you will be relieving the annual administrative burden and achieving your CSR goals.

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To find out more about how to donate them to YES Outdoors and what impact it would have on our young people, contact us on