Tech Appeal

Tech appeal – More information

How do I donate to the scheme?

You can contact us by e-mailing or you can phone us at 0207 263 1067.  Simply tell us where you are and what you want to donate and we will organise to get someone there to pick it up from you.

How will you pick up the device safely from my home and will I be safe?

We will contact you before we pick up and organise a time to attend.  We will then contact you again when at the address for you to leave the item outside your home.   We will then wait until you are more than 2 metres away before collecting the item.  Our volunteers will wear PPE (protective equipment) and place in our vehicle after that it will be taken to our Hub and cleaned/disinfected.

Will the equipment be cleaned and safe for someone else to use?

After the donation is collected, it will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is donated to the next recipient.  The item will also be wiped and reset, to make sure it is fully ready for the new family. This will be done by a specialist company to ensure people’s privacy and data is protected.

What will happen to all my data on the tech that I donate?

The item that you donate will be fully wiped and reset to its original factory settings by a specialist I.T. company.  No personal data will remain on any devices that are distributed to our recipients.

What will happen with the funds that I donate? 

The funds that are donated will be spent on covering the cost of renovating the donated technology. It will also allow us to buy appropriate technology that we can distribute to families in ISLINGTON and CAMDEN, so that they can connect digitally to the internet.  To help with wellbeing and mental health.

Who can donate to the scheme?

 Anybody who is over the age of 18 years can donate. You must own the item that you want to donate.

Who will receive my tech and how are they chosen?

The young people and families that are chosen will be selected patners who have strong links with the community. They are Help on Your Doorstep, Brickworks Community Centre, YES Outdoors, Islington Council, Camden Youth Services and many more. The list of who receives the items will be held centrally to help coordinate our response.